Does the sight of plastic water bottles, styrofoam cups, cigarette butts, and nip bottles littering our sidewalks and roadsides bother you? Do you wonder why some people think it’s okay to drop trash out of their car window? Do you wish there was something you could do about it? You can! Whether you're a resident, business, student, boy/girl scout, or just someone who wants to take part in doing something good, it's easy to join our cause. 


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Like and join our groups and accounts on social media! At the very least, you'll need to join the Facebook group in order to stay up to date with events, announcements, and more. 


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Choose an area of focus that works best for you! Each project requires different levels of work, so you decide what you're comfortable doing. 

  • Adopt A Spot. Adopt a local street or park and keep it litter free.
  • Trash Mob. Join us on the third Saturday of every month as we perform a one-hour litter cleanup at a chosen location.
  • Annual Cleanup. Join us once a year, on every Earth Day, for a town-wide cleanup.
  • Advocate. Help spread the word about SUA and educate the public about litter prevention.
  • For a full detailed description about each project, check out the "What We Do" page. 

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Fill out the following form so we know who is doing what and how to get in touch if needed! 

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Suggest A Project 

Have an idea for a new project you think would help beautify or clean up the town of Acushnet? We welcome your ideas and would love to hear about it! Feel free to shoot us an email with what you've got in mind!