In an effort to teach local volunteers and business leaders to achieve significant and lasting community improvements, and of course keep our town clean and beauiful, we currently focus on the following projects. 

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This is an on-going, year round project that allows volunteers to pick a street, park, pond, or neighborhood they want to "adopt" and do regular cleanups on. 

1. Pick your street & let us know

There are tons of streets and public areas in Acushnet - choose the street you live on, the playground you play at, or the pond you visit the most - then send us an email! We keep a log of what streets have been adopted so there’s no overlap, which you can see here. 

2. Do a monthly cleanup

Choose one day of the month where you, your family or friends can get out and do a sweep of the street you chose to adopt. Use salad/BBQ tongs for pick up and deposit in a trash bag. Mark it on your calendar and do your best to follow through.

2. Have fun! 

Take pride in "your" street and share the fun with us on social media. Take photos and videos, use the hashtag #SpruceUpAcushnet, and show us all your hard work by posting in the Facebook group!  


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Join us on the third Saturday of every month for a quick, one hour cleanup! Location will be discussed and decided on via the Facebook group, and based on an area of town that needs to be tended to most.

Joining is easy and requires no commitment (though we do appreciate and heads up if you can't make it). Make it a point to attend every month, or just participate when you can - the decision is up to you.       


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Every year on Earth Day, Spruce Up Acushnet joins the town wide cleanup promoted by the town of Acushnet. Participants typically meet at the Acushnet Senior Community Center for the start of the event. 

We hope in the near future that Spruce Up Acushnet can get local businesses and sponsors involved in this event by encouraging them to donate supplies for the cleanup.  


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Advocacy is the primary tool through which Spruce Up Acushnet works to promote a natural, pristine, and litter-free town. We encourage, enable, and empower our members and other individuals to raise awareness and educate the residents of the disparaging effects of litter on our community. Through our advocates, we provide a local point of contact for the town, businesses, and agencies to coordinate with for a better outdoor experience.

  • Practice responsible recreation – Every time you walk your dog or go for a walk you can make a difference, just pick up one piece of litter.
  • Be social – Spread the word: follow, like, share and post pictures on Spruce Up Acushnet's page and group, as well as local town pages. Don’t forget our hashtag #SpruceUpAcushnet
  • Join our monthly mailing – Newsletter Signup (coming soon)
  • Talk to others – Download a Trail Card (print them for cheap at Staples or Vistaprint) – Side A and Side B
  • Purchase goodies – Our store is growing with items like Litter Getters, Cleanup Starter Kits, T-shirts, hats, or signage for your yard (coming soon)

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THE BOX PROJECT (coming soon) 

These boxes were designed and tested by a national litter organization, and I'm hoping we can implement something similar around Acushnet's trails and parks. The boxes, which offer free trash bags and litter tongs, are a tool to promote personal responsibility and assist individuals and groups in maintaining a clean trail. The boxes are designed specifically to encourage casual participation in removal of litter from the outdoors. 

Once Spruce Up Acushnet gets enough interest and participation in overall cleanups, we can start looking into building these boxes and getting permission from the town on locations to place them in.