Our Story

Spruce Up Acushnet was created to encourage our residents to take pride in our town and keep it clean. Its goal is to clean the trash and debris on our streets, in our neighborhoods, around our businesses, in our parks, and on our lakes and ponds. 

It was started in 2018 after a new resident, Kelsey Janak, became familiar with a similar organization in the town she originally moved from. Kelsey saw the impacts and dedication of this team and wanted to form that kind of organization in the town she now planned on spending the rest of her life in.    

She brought it to the attention of Acushnet residents on the Facebook community group, All Things Acushnet, as well as the town's Conservation Committee, where it received an outpouring of positive feedback and participants willing to take part in the effort. It was from there she created the website, some design assets, and a dedicated Facebook group to get things rolling.

Spruce Up Acushnet has ambitious goals for Acushnet, and we need your help to achieve them!     


Step by step, and little by little, our aim is to eliminate litter on all the streets and land in our town. We believe we can do that in a positive and proactive manner by educating, encouraging, and reconnecting residents and business owners.


Our Team



Kelsey and her husband Jay purchased land to build a house on, in 2016, after choosing Acushnet to be the place they would raise their family and stay at forever. Since then, Kelsey has done her best to get involved with the town committees and going-ons, including creating Acushnet's "official unofficial" Facebook town group, All Things Acushnet. She cares deeply about this town, its residents, and keeping it that small, beautiful farm town she fell in love with. 

Kelsey is a visual web/UX designer for the Boston Globe full-time, and a hobby beekeeper and homesteader when she's not working. She's obsessed with the mountains, the forests, and doing anything that involves being outside.